It summarizes episodes of Tintin in flat design from iconic objects

Although some will say that the adventures of Tintin have aged, the hero of Hergé remains a rare icon in the world of comics: all the same more than 210 million albums sold since 1929, all in 54 languages!

The young reporter's adventures are well-known to everyone and inspired Loris Utard, Artistic Director at Publicis Conseil, a minimalist artwork project. From an iconic object depicting the plot, a title or a striking detail of the story, Loris realizes every day an illustration in flat design referring to an episode of the series.

A nice project, simple but quality that will delight fans of Tintin. To discover all the illustrations, click here.

Carnival mask, in "Tintin and the Picaros"

a car from Tintin, in "Tintin in Congo"

Chinese ampe on the cover of the "Blue Lotus"

a statue, in "The Broken Ear"

e Ottokar scepter in the eponymous adventure

e Golden Claw Crab in the eponymous adventure

a Unicorn, in "The Secret of The Unicorn"

e submarine, in "The Treasury of Rackham the Red"

Aspirin tube, in "Tintin in the land of black gold"

rocket, in "Objectif Lune"

e fortune flag in, "Coke in stock"

Video: The adventures of Tintin season 2, episode 2 (March 2020).