Audi unveils a moving spot that features a dinosaur

The dinosaur is a creature that fascinates as much as it scares. In Germany, the manufacturer Audi surprises his world by creating a spot that manages to move us by staging a dinosaur. In partnership with the Razorfish agency, Audi unveils the tender story of a tyrannosaur that has become the laughing stock of everyone overnight.

After a fail on the internet because of his tiny arms, this poor dinosaur literally lost confidence in him. It is by meeting a vehicle of the brand that our protagonist manages to regain confidence in him, and become once again the ferocious dinosaur he was. The icing on the cake: thanks to the self-pilot, he does not even need to use his little arms to drive! A spot well done, which surprises his world by staging a character that no one was waiting then for a car brand.

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