Chevrolet turns your good mood into free gas

Do you consider yourself a positive person on a daily basis? In Canada, the Chevrolet manufacturer has set up an unusual device that will answer this question. Because it's important to smile and make the right way, Chevrolet has set up, in collaboration with The Martin Agency, a kiosk that converts your good mood into free gasoline.

The terminal connects to your social networks, and will analyze your posts to know your positivity rate. Depending on your posts broadcast that exude good mood, the brand offers more or less gasoline. The icing on the cake: some lucky ones have even been offered an activity related to their interest. With this device, Chevrolet wants to communicate two things to us: first of all, the importance of being positive and keeping the smile on a daily basis (one of the values ​​of the brand). In a second step, the builder also takes the opportunity to support and show the general public his expertise when it comes to using the social data of his (Future) consumers.

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