Capital Koala donates money to your children when you buy online

With a global turnover of nearly 70 billion euros and a double-digit growth, e-commerce in France has a bright future ahead of it. In this context, the company Capital Koala had the idea to propose an innovation in banking by partnering with more than 1700 (e) recognized traders such as Monoprix, PriceMinister, Yves Rocher,, etc ...

Their idea? By registering for the service and making purchases on partner merchants, a percentage of the amount of purchases made is automatically refunded and accumulates on a savings booklet for your child. On average, Capital Koala gives back 5 to 20% of the amount of purchases you make, thus developing a useful social service providing your child with financial assistance to carry out his first projects ... obviously depending on your buying frenzy on the internet.

A project that has already attracted 100,000 members for a total of 2 million euros saved. An advantage also for the commercial partners of the service which thus increase the loyalty of their members and boost the growth of their online platform: why buy in store when you can, in a few clicks, feed the savings book of his offspring?

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