Louise Delage: the fake Instagram account that raises awareness about addictions

On August 1, 2016, some "Louise Delage" appeared on Instagram. In appearance, it was a young woman all that is more normal: rather pretty, sharing pictures of his daily life on his profile. For several weeks, the account managed to grow, to federate a certain community, and to gain a lot of likes on social networks. But one question has always remained in the minds of the most skeptical: why on every photo of Louise, a drink or a bottle of alcohol is always present?

Two months later and more than 50,000 likes, the announcement is revealed: "Louise Delage" is actually a purely fictitious Instagram account that aims to raise awareness of addictions, and in this case, that of alcohol. This smartly orchestrated social campaign, which has trapped many Internet users, is the result of an initiative of the association Addict Aide. A beautiful exhibition designed by the BETC agency that raises awareness among Internet users about the problems of addiction, and the disturbing photos they like, without even knowing it. To discover Louise Delage's account, go to Instagram.

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