When the CMs of SNCF and SFR are lodged on Twitter

Who does not like discovering small clashes between brands? Admit it, we all love it! And the last altercation between the SNCF and SFR is to say the least tasty: we tell you that.

It all starts on Wednesday, September 21st with a tweeting tweet from the surfer @Mchaumier who complains about the lack of network on the part of SFR by making a rather special parallel with the train problems that can be known with SNCF.

@SFR I would love to have the Internet to work, you are even more boring than @SNCF level problem 😡

- mæl thatched cottage (@Mchaumier) September 21st, 2016

Having a very responsive after-sales service, SNCF responds by pushing the knife into the wound of SFR, stating that it offers a free and unlimited Wi-FI in its largest stations.

@Mchaumier You have free and unlimited wifi in our largest train stations in France: // If we can help ... 😁

- SNCF (@SNCF) September 21st, 2016

The CM SFR was then a pleasure to tacel free SNCF by telling the user to contact the Twitter account of the SAV to manage the problem.

@SNCF Sorry for @Mchaumier response time, my train was late 😋 More seriously, share your concerns with @SFR_SAV Cam

- SFR (@SFR) September 21st, 2016

Following this, the SNCF responded a formidable tackle to SFR and largely retweeted by twittos visibly very amused by this clash between brands.

@SFR @Mchaumier A joke about the train delays so say. It's unusual! Almost as rare as 4G on your network. 😉

- SNCF (@SNCF) September 21st, 2016

A little clash, rather nice let's face it, which has been much talked about: in less than a day the tweets were shared more than 8000 times cumulative. Very nice statistics that have attracted other opportunistic brands like Carrefour or Interflora. It's the magic of social networks ... and we like that!

@SNCF @SFR We hope that the train of love has passed between you ❤️
And that now you have more romantic fiber

- Interflora France (@Interflora) September 21st, 2016

@SNCF @SFR @Mchaumier A response time almost as long as waiting in the box! #autoclash

- Carrefour France (@CarrefourFrance) September 22, 2016

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