Paris I love you: a beautiful clip that pays tribute to Paris after the attacks

It is a fact: tourism was strongly impacted by the two attacks that hit our beautiful capital. Yet Paris is a beautiful city that is full of life, beauty and fantasy. In collaboration with Jalil Lespert, the city of Paris had the idea to create "Paris I love you", a beautiful clip that pays tribute to the capital.

On a musical background signed Hyphen Hyphen, this superb video offers us a beautiful panorama of the city of Paris. All the most beautiful monuments are reviewed, at the heart of the scene of life that preach love, sharing and the joy of living. The spot will also be aired on Air Franc flights, in hotels of the Accor group and at Galeries Lafayette. A very beautiful idea, full of poetry, which reminds us that Paris is a strong city full of joie de vivre. WE love !

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