A fake escort girls website that raises awareness of prostitution

Prostitution is a terrible scourge, which also causes violence that sometimes costs the lives of some women. By participating in and financing prostitution, we also become actors in these crimes. In France, the association Mouvement du Nid fights daily to abolish prostitution. In collaboration with McCANN, she came up with the idea of ​​creating "Girls of Paradise", a fake escort girls website that raises awareness of prostitution ... by trapping internet users.

In appearance, this is a classic call girls site: you can view the different profiles of women, chat online with them or call them. But by contacting these women, Internet users fall into the trap. Whether on the phone or online chat, they actually fall on a person from the association Movement Nest. The user then discovers that the escort he wanted to meet is in fact dead for a long time, because of the violence related to prostitution.

The first week, "Girls of Paradise" has generated more than 600 calls, and thousands of messages online. The operation has achieved its purpose: to change the perception of Internet users, and more specifically of the usual customers, vis-à-vis prostitution and its dangers.

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