Dove illustrates the beauty of women through the eyes of men

For years, Dove has focused his communication around the beauty of women. But the brand chooses to highlight natural women instead of the usual clichés of fashion magazines. In Portugal, Dove collaborated with the Black Ship agency to set up a social experiment. The idea: to illustrate the beauty of women through the eyes of men.

Several men were invited to take part in this experiment in which they must describe the portraits of the women who parade before their eyes. A sensor can also analyze their heart rate in real time to observe their emotions. Suddenly, the brand chooses to highlight photos of women who are close to the various participants: woman, child, grandmother ... A great idea that supports the positioning of the brand and proves that each woman has her own form of beauty.

Video: Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Youre more beautiful than you think 6mins (April 2020).