A shocking and polemical advertisement for the Barcelona Eroticism Fair

There are truths that disturb and that are not always pleasant to hear. This advertisement imagined by the Vimema agency for the Eroticism Fair in Barcelona raises thorny and interesting topics. She starred Amarna Miller, a Spanish porn actress, who lists the various ills of her country and the hypocrisy that prevails there.

(English translation: click here)

The relationship to women, art, religion or even prostitution are all delicate themes that are evoked in this polemical video and intelligently well orchestrated. The image, the soundtrack and the message are perfectly calibrated, and make this ad one of our favorites of the moment. A beautiful exhibition for this show that goes well beyond the simple promotion, and which will surely raise the debate around the various topics of society. And it may be one of the main arguments of good publicity: to go further than its product to elicit reactions.

An idea of ​​the Barcelona Erotic Salon & Vimema | Via

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