An ingenious fast food packaging that folds like an origami

In terms of sustainable development, manufacturers have gradually understood the interest, and especially the importance, of producing packaging that respects our ecosystem. In Spain, design student Laia Aviñoa has devised an absolutely ingenious and, above all, ecological packaging to market fast food menus.

This very practical packaging has a dual purpose: to be practical to use and respectful of the environment. No more useless plastics, here we use layers of paper and poly lactic acid to keep fresh food. The different packaging is based on the principle of origami, and therefore folding, to close and can be used in the simplest way. Finally, in terms of transport, the packaging, your drink, your burger and your fries were designed to fit perfectly, making the experience even more enjoyable. The idea is great, and although it's only a concept, it should surely inspire fast food professionals.

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