Brice de Nice breaks codes to promote his new film

This is the 19th of October that will leave Brice de Nice 3, the long-awaited sequel by fans of the legendary film starring Jean Dujardin. Because yes, there was no Nice Brice 2 for the simple reason that our friend ... broke the film. To promote this new film that looks more offbeat than ever, the producers had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliterally "Breaking the codes" by diverting different media. We let you discover below the different appearances that surprised everyone.

The full movie on YouTube

On October 13, a surprising video appears on YouTube, titling "BRICE OF NICE 3 - COMPLETE FILM VF". Surprising a week before the release of the film, but the first few minutes seem to correspond to a film debut. Suddenly, the plan changes and Brice appears, revealing to everyone his monumental troll with Internet users. A master stroke!

When Brice de Nice encrusted in a rap music video

Very popular in France, the rap duo Biglo & Oli recently revealed a new music video for the title "Pour un Pote" featuring Jean Dujardin ... in his role as Brice de Nice, of course. Of course, the song will be an integral part of the film, so it was only natural that Brice get stuck in the clip, right?

Brice trolleys the weather in France 2

When @bricedenice goes into the field, quiet! 😂 # Weather #Troll #BriceDeNice

- France 2 (@ France2tv) October 17, 2016

Brice is always where we least expect it. Jean Dujardin has therefore decided to sink, in the biggest calms, in the middle of the weather on France 2 by taking again his mythical role. For a surprise, we must say that it is rather successful!

Brice in "Search apartment or house on M6"

I was in front of the TV quietly when Brice de Nice got encrusted in it. I did not understand. #RAOM

- Super Zapper (@superzapper) October 11, 2016

We told you: Brice is always where we least expect it! This time on M6 the blond has made a subtle appearance, in the show "Search apartment or house" Stéphane Plaza.

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