OptiMiam installs a free-access fridge to fight against food waste

At a time when many people are not eating enough in the world, food waste is absolutely intolerable. In Paris, OptiMiam and FoodChéri collaborated with the agency Ici Barbès to set up the "Anti-waste fridge". The idea: install a self-service fridge at the entrance to the Ici Barbès agency to fight against food waste.

OptiMiam recovers the unsold items daily and makes them available to the employees of the agency in the fridge. The idea here is to raise the awareness of Ici Barbès employees and to introduce them to the application and the shopkeepers in the area. An idea in all simplicity, which answers a double problematic: fight against waste and promote OptiMiam. Well seen !

Video: Katharine Wilkinson: "Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed . .". Talks at Google (April 2020).