A bar specially designed to help you recover from a hangover

Saturday night, the little drink with your friends finally slipped in big night. You drank, drank a lot, and you had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the next day is less fun, because you have to face a phenomenon that we all knew one day or another: the hangover.

In Amsterdam, the bedding brand Matt Sleeps has come up with "The Hangover Bar", a bar specially designed to help you fight against hangovers. Here, no alcohol, but pampering and rest to get you back perfectly from your evening. The entrance to the bar is done first with an alcohol test. You then have the opportunity to slip into a bed, relax in front of the TV with a fruit juice or herbal tea, get a massage or have access to an oxygen bar.

An idea totally unusual but that should make talk about it. The Hangover Bar is open Friday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Bold positioning and a creative initiative from a brand specialized in bedding.

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