Harsh photos that raise awareness about rape

Even if we talk about it too little, sexual violence is indeed part of our reality. It is sometimes important to educate people about the consequences of rape, which can happen anywhere, and to anyone. In the United States, Yana Mazurkevich is a creative student who was deeply shocked by the untimely release of Brock Turner, a Stanford student convicted of rape. To denounce this act, the student has developed a series of very powerful photos to raise awareness about rape.

baptized "It Happens", this series features various people who experience sexual violence, and who are totally at the mercy of their attacker. Each victim sets the goal in order to make the person who views these pictures as much as possible responsible. Finally, the photos also aim to show that rape can happen to anyone, at any time, and especially with anyone. Pictures that chill blood and remind us that unfortunately, rape is still too much present today, and that we must redouble our efforts to fight against these acts and to repress them.

Video: Zainab's last moments before her rape and murder - BBC News (April 2020).