The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 39)

It's time to take a break from friends and relax with our weekly selection. You know the principle: we select for you the 10 tweets that made the news last week.

Let's go !

In Savoy to warm up the guys put on a hood.
In PACA to warm up they put on a cagole.

- DailyCieux (@Dailycieuse) December 16, 2016

uestion of wording.

Here is the new poster of #RogueOne

- Severus Snape 🐍 (@Snape_Servus) December 14, 2016

everus Roge One!

As time goes by quickly

- Bolino (@BolinoCrousti) December 15, 2016

Generation uestion.

Qd you copy the duty of your friend but you make some mistake for not that the teacher you grid

- ️️ (@UnDroleDeDz) December 13, 2016

a copy explained simply!

Anyway Valls as soon as he uses a trick after he wants to delete it.
He did the same with François Hollande.

- Jean-Moundir (@supermegadrivin) December 15, 2016

unchline of the week!

- Hello, I'm calling you for a massacre of the population
- Have you tried to turn off and turn on your eiffel tower?

- Cereal Killer (@ifalas) December 14, 2016

otline of despair.

Who steals an egg probably steals another five eggs since they are usually sold by 6.

- Edmar Gorin (@Edmar_Gorin) December 13, 2016

uestion of logic!

In Christmas gifts, 80% of the fun comes from the gift wrap

- NUCLEAR VITAMIN (@WiseKitteh) December 16, 2016


49.3 stands in the presidential election and proposes to remove Manuel Valls.

- Jennifer Hart Wohoho (@Yooo_Mama_) December 16, 2016

on the other hand!

When you try to evolve in Pyroli but when it does not, it does not want to: /

- Thomas Hercouët (@DrHercouet) December 17, 2016