The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 33)

Let go: it's time to take a break and have a good laugh with the selection of the 10 best creative tweets of the week.

Let's go for the chronicle #CreaTweets!

The optimist will say it's the weekend.
The pessimist will say that in 54h it is Monday.
The others are already in the Carrefour beers department.

- Tania (@TaniaKessaouti) October 21, 2016

each his vision of the weekend.

The most populated places in the world:

1. China.
2. India.
3. Friendzone
4. USA
5. Indonesia

- 愛 母狗 (@BegeyOfficiel) October 23, 2016

at Friendzone, this beautiful country!

My boss wants me to work diligently.
Not sure that riding during my work hours will make me more productive.

- Nini_MacBright (@Nini_MacBright) October 17, 2016

is beautifully said!

No to the union of 2 blue pens!
No to the union of 2 red pens!
What are the benchmarks for small green pens ?!

* The Manif For Kit *

- igrèkess (@igrekess) October 17, 2016

He still prefers "the Manif for Kits".

This baker could solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (via @ElizabethMaler)

- FiberTiger (@FibreTiger) October 20, 2016

amnesty in an image.

Anecdote of the day: The word "fascinating" comes from the Latin fascinum, which means "a representation of an erect penis."

You're welcome.

- Ghostocado 👻 (@ayyyvocado) October 21, 2016

anointed culture.

Navigo Pass

- M🐻 (@jesuisunhlel) October 20, 2016

is naughty ... but we laughed, anyway.

To flirt with a vegan girl, you have to tell her beautiful things, make her dream!
Tell him salads what.

- 🐑 Chouettasse 🐑 (@GomarMT) October 22nd, 2016

is cute all full!

It's a little too far your bullshit hairdressers.

- Jennifer Hart Wohoho (@Yooo_Mama_) October 21, 2016

when the "hairdresser game" goes too far ...


- Master of conf (@Maitre_de_conf) October 18, 2016