NLP advertises with a mysterious phone number in the street

Even in the world of music, it is important to know how to be innovative if you want to communicate on the release of a new album. The PNL rap group, one of the biggest sellers of records in 2016, has unveiled an original communication operation to announce their new music video "Bene".

Wanted poster !! If you see the sign towards you 📞☛ # LaPart3arrive #DLL 💿🔥🌍📡✌

- PNLMusic (@PNLMusic) January 25, 2017

Several mysterious posters have been placed in the streets of Paris. They put forward a notice of research and the actor Django Macha with red hair. A telephone number is also available (01 76 50 66 33). By calling it, passersby are surprised to find a voicemail that broadcasts "Bene".

NLP is the kings of the promo, they put this poster in Paris and when we call it is the music bene of the next clip we hear

- AlbanianWithAttitude (@Admir_fdlrc) January 25, 2017

An unconventional and rather original way of announcing the release of a new song. A beautiful viral exhibition that proves, once again, that you have to know how to think outside the box, even in the world of music.

The nice shot of com @PNLMusic for the release of the clip Bené. Red number: 0176506633.

- Jalal Kahlioui (@JalalKahlioui) January 25, 2017

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