When Yves Klein trapped spectators in his exhibition

Born April 28, 1928 in Nice, Yves Klein is a French artist, still considered today as one of the greatest modern artists. Known for his famous blue "IKB" (International Klein Blue)the artist used it in many creative works that made him one of the greatest protagonists of the pictorial avant-garde of the post-war period.

If Yves Klein is today much studied in schools of art or communication, many people do not know the facetious and spiritual side of the artist. This anecdote proves his creative and singular genius. In 1958, Yves Klein organized a vernissage in Paris which he named "The void". Hundreds of guests took part in the event thinking of discovering new works. But as the name suggested, the exhibition was well and truly empty. The guests remained to sip the cocktails prepared for the occasion.

The famous "Klein Blue"

But the surprise came much later. On their way home, the guests began to urinate ... blue. Indeed, Yves Klein had taken care to inject methylene blue into the cocktails of his exhibition. In short, the artist literally trapped his audience, who then became the real actors of his work. Yes, it can be said: Yves Klein is a great artist, but also one of the greatest trolls of the twentieth century.

Yves Klein (1928-1962)

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