The highlights of history revisited with Oreo cookies

Sometimes we meet talented creatives who work on fictional projects for brands. Although fictitious, these creations are sometimes so excellent that they deserve to be adopted by brands. Based in Montpellier, Thomas Larthe is one of them. He worked on a print campaign project for the Oreo brand that we find very successful.

A few years ago, Oreo celebrated its 100th anniversary. The creative has therefore imagined a series of prints that divert the famous biscuits of the brand to revisit different great moments of history, as the fall of the Berlin Wall. The four creations, subtle and aesthetic, are to be discovered below. To learn more, visit the Behance page of the project.

1946: creation of the Cannes Film Festival

1981: first commercial TGV in France

1989: fall of the Berlin Wall

1943: The Little Prince

Video: half eating oreos 7 second challenge (November 2019).