10 Tips for Overcoming White Page Syndrome

It's the void. Total nothingness. Sometimes you can force yourself, the inspiration does not come. Looking for a topic for your next article, but the Word page facing you is empty and impossible to start your ticket. This is called the white page syndrome.

There is no miracle solution to overcoming white-page syndrome, which can affect anyone, anytime. Nevertheless, there are some small processes that can help you find the path of inspiration. We suggest you to discover our 10 tips for overcoming white page syndrome.


Writing must be apprehended as a sport

It may seem silly, I grant you, but writing leads to writing. In the same way that an athlete trains, you have to re-train your brain to writing. Write everything that goes through your head and hopefully you will find the inspiration you need.


Read everything!

Reading is a great tool of inspiration. Beyond the ideas you can find, reading is one of the best exercises to work his brain and memory in everyday life. Read, document, and do not just settle for your favorite topics. It is important to know how to broaden your reading to increase your field of knowledge.

Take time to inspire yourself

To know how to take time

We've always told you that inspiration is everywhere. It can be in a book, on the internet, on social networks, on TV, in the street or through any everyday object. Imagination is a tremendous tool of the human being that allows him to create and invent stories from the most innocuous objects. It is therefore important to be aware of all the elements that surround you on a daily basis and that are likely to inspire you.

Always keep a notebook with you

A notebook to note everything

Whenever possible, it is important to keep a daily notebook with you. Inspiration rarely comes when you stay at home in front of an empty sheet or computer screen. The daily life, your travels, your travels are the best to inspire you. Having a notebook permanently with you will allow you to write down everything so as not to forget anything about your "illuminations".

Set goals

A clear and precise goal

We rarely advance in life if we do not have a goal, a specific goal. Put a little pressure on yourself, set goals to reach (ex: I have to finish my article before 5pm tonight). Goals help keep your brain stimulated and the pressure can sometimes be positive. Be careful however, this advice can be harmful and anti-productive for people who live and manage stress badly.

Quit your workspace

Move, get out, escape

Get moving. Come out. Go have a coffee. Stroll through previously unknown streets. Inspiration is more difficult between four walls, facing his computer screen. Go out and take a moment to observe the world around you, this is the best way to stimulate your brain to defeat the so-called white page syndrome.

Do the post-it exercise

A little game for your inspiration

A simple exercise allowing you to work your imagination. Take post-its and write down on each of them the key elements of your subject. Then assemble your different post-its like a puzzle to structure your subject and find inspiration.

Take an object and describe it

Any object

A second interesting exercise to stimulate your brain and your imagination. Take an object around you, any one, and challenge yourself to describe it in the most precise way possible. As you were told earlier, writing is a form of sport.

Ignore the first sentence

Start at the end

Often, the white page syndrome comes in because you do not know how to start your article. The first sentence does not come and blocks everything else. Ignore it and try to write story parts in the mess. Little by little, the logical progression will be created in your head and you will be able to restore order to your ticket.

Review your old articles

Go back to the past

Read stimulates the brain. And reading your old articles can not hurt you. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in your writing style, find articles sometimes old and realize the evolution since. Looking in the past to better understand the future, it also works for writing.

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