The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 51)

Like every Monday, we invite you to discover the summary of the best creative tweets of the past week. On the program: the spread, a good dose of humor and of course the imagination to spare.

Let's go !

The look of the world in Merkel's eyes.

- whatever (@MateuilB) March 17, 2017

n look that says a lot ...

I would have to stop to make the head of smileys that I send by SMS when I write them. Especially in the subway.

- Margal (@_Margal) March 17, 2017

emoji disease.

It's St. Patrick's Day, the opportunity to go to the pub drinking beers.

It's also Patrick Balkany's party, the opportunity to leave without paying.

- Death (@LaMortLaVraie) March 17, 2017

everyone his Patrick!

Alert info!
I am a fruit juice!

- ⭐⭐ Etamin Tite✒ (@eutite) March 15, 2017

illon x Innocent


you have laughed.

The press when the terrorist is white:

- Adrien Menielle (@AdrienMenielle) March 17, 2017



feline illusion.

My theory is that @EmmanuelMacron does not exist, someone just looked for "dynamic framework" on Shuttershock.

- truncated chlamydophore (@GoldfishFight) March 15, 2017

is true that ...

I'm keen to repeat that raccoons are one of the few acceptable animals you do not listen to.
He drives an alligator eh.

- Sam (@Fadewade) March 14, 2017

Raccoons, those misunderstood ...