No one on Photoshop, he trains 10 years on Paint to illustrate his book

His name isPatrick Hines, his name probably does not tell you anything, but you will soon assimilate it to the word "respect". Passionate about stories, Patrick had a good day had the desire to write a digital book on the adventures of teenagers in a holiday camp in the 80s. Nothing really exciting so far.

With a talented draftsman that he never really exploited, he decided to illustrate his own book. A gamble dared knowing that he absolutely does not master the software of creation. Not all of them. In truth Patrick swears by Paint, the creation software of Microsoft rather rudimentary, it must be admitted, on which it was trained for 10 yearswhen he was working at the reception of a hospital.

Having finished writing his story, he then launched into his illustration; and the result is simply amazing. By zooming in on the photos, we can clearly see jerky features which are the quasi-trademark of the Paint amateur software. (click here or here)

Patrick's book is now on sale on Amazon and in our opinion it will not hurt to sell it. His story is doing the web tour both the technique of making his illustrations is unusual. Like what, keeping your vision and going into a job that everyone considers impossible ... we can do it!

Designed by: Patrick Hines

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