This perfumer is developing the smell "Cat Fur"

It can be difficult to communicate creative way on perfume. The codes are similar to those of the luxury universe and risk taking is often very limited in favor of very smooth and always similar communications. But we must believe that this New York perfumer did not see things this way. He decided, we imagine to talk about his brand, to create an unusual perfume called "Kitten Fur"Literally"Cat fur". But know that it is very serious.

The society,Demeter Fragrance Library, says it's been 15 years that they work to perfect this fragrance that, we tried to translate it into French, brings you "the olfactory essence of the comfort and warmth of a little kitten just behind your neck". Here is the famous marketing of social networks: an idea a bit unusual, a story and voila.

The worst thing is that it works: more than 3000 shares Facebook on the product page and dozens of media that relay the info for a scent that sells between 6 and 40 dollars according to its capacity.

Imagined by:Demeter Fragrance Library

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