KFC creates a bucket that tells stories with your smartphone

The idea was imagined by KFC in South Africa with the agency Ogilvy at first destination of families. The famous red bucket, true icon of the brand, was used as part of a rather unusual marketing operation that links stories and technology ?

The brand has created a limited edition of its bucket that separates into 2 parts : the bucket that contains your food and a kind of lampshade engraved with very detailed patterns. For this, the agency used a 3D printer to dig drawings in order to let the light through.

Once at home, just download the application KFC Suppertime Stories which will trigger the flash of your smartphone. Place your device inside the engraved bucket and magically your ceiling and your walls hundreds of patterns appear. The application then triggers a sound story in relation to the theme of the drawings.

An innovative marketing idea that has the merit of bringing value to a product of lambda consumption. The experience is also interesting and allows the brand to promote its family side with this storyteller feature... whose approach obviously appeals to everyone.

Imagined by: KFC and Ogilvy Johannesburg

Video: Yandere Simulator Live-Action Trailer (April 2020).