The first limited edition Desperados that combines street art and augmented reality

In 2017, Desperados makes a digital shift by using augmented reality at the heart of its Special Issue. The iconic bottle becomes the key to an unprecedented artistic performance and offers an immersive experience to all its consumers.

Since 1998, the beer brand Desperados has collaborated with the urban art collective 9ème Concept, which reflects on the design of its collector bottles every year. And this year, the brand wanted to make things big by operating a digital turning point with its collector: to propose a real & virtual artistic approach.

Download the app on iOS and Android.

In collaboration with Matthieu Dagorn (member of the collective) and the MNSTR agency, Desperados reinvents the decor of its iconic bottle through an artistic performance that explores through augmented reality. Matthew Dagorn was given carte blanche: for 13 days, he realized a real artistic performance, equipped with sheets of paper and technology Google Tilt Brush. This technology allowed him to project his creative world virtually on the walls of a 36m² cube designed for the occasion.

The brand presents this year a performance between reality and digital, accessible simply by scanning the label of the iconic bottle with his phone. Thanks to a dedicated application, consumers of the brand have the opportunity to live a real artistic experience directly from their smartphone. This augmented reality experience is broken down into 4 stages:

  • Level 1 : a decor comes alive in 3D and grows out of the bottle label
  • Level 2 : a virtual tour of the workshop is set up, allowing the consumer to discover the places at 360 ° thanks to augmented reality
  • Level 3: the navigation is placed inside the work allowing to see the Google Tilt Brush unfold in the room
  • Level 4: a discovery behind the scenes is set up to understand the entirety of the work

In the end, Desperados, MNSTR and the collective 9ème Concept offer us a true immersive experience, which perfectly combines two worlds that have nothing to do together at first: street art and technology. A nice idea that will make this bottle a collector ... among the collectors!

You will find more information on the website of the operation "Desperados Augmented". The application is available on iOS and Android.


Video: Seismic Desperado Limited Edition (April 2020).