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Creative challenge: create the vintage Malesan 2017 box

Creative wine lovers may know Malesan. Founded in 1979, this Bordeaux appellation of origin wine brand has an approach to design and organizes creative challenges every year. In 2015, it proposed to its consumers to create own label for a limited edition. In 2016, Malesan organized the recruitment of his designer with a challenge relayed by Creapills around the creation of a cabinet.

And for 2017, what do we do ?

Imagine and design the Vintage Malesan 2017 box

Malesan renews its challenge of creating a box with a 3D platform that's cool enough to use! So you have a mission to have fun on Photoshop from 01/03/2017 the 12/04/2017 (ie 6 weeks) to imagine and designer the Vintage Malesan 2017 box !

A challenge that addresses all the curious (no need to be a design professional) who want to express their creativity.

Some examples of packaging ... there's a level!

Malesan, what is it?

For those who do not know, Malesan is a wine ofAOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) from Bordeaux. It is found in red or rosé (summer is slowly approaching) and he defines himself as a Bordeaux of character. With its strong typicity and consistent quality vintage after vintage, Malesan already has more than 35 years presence among wine lovers of Bordeaux.

You are rather red or pink?

What do we win ?

This year Malesan offers you more € 8,000 of lots in the wine world !

It exists 2 ways to win :

  • either by getting the most votes on the platform,
  • either by being selected directly by a jury of professionals.

In these 2 ways to win, you can win every time 3 awards below :

  1. Wine cellar + corkscrew + storage locker + your custom created box *: 1 770 €
  2. Corkscrew + storage locker + your custom created box *: 1 320 €
  3. Storage locker + your custom created box *: 1 150 €
average price according to the characteristics and manufacturing cost of the creations

The endowments of the challenge (besides your beautiful box just for you)

The elements to respect

This challenge Malesan is a creativity contest. In other words, there are not many rules aside from letting your imagination speak and:

  • make the Malesan logo appear on your visual
  • not to present natural persons or elements inconsistent with the world of wine
  • make an original creation

For the rest, you are free to do what you like ! And do not forget to bring a small vintage concept at your creations.

By the way, we are informed that the word vintage originates from the old French Vintage which originally designates a wine remarkable for its quality, especially with reference to an age or a vintage. Today, we talk about vintage. It wasinstant crop of Creapills.

The rules of the 2017 Malesan Challenge

  • All entries must be original creations (that is, they must not come from pre-existing third-party or copyrighted documents).
  • The selected participations may be modified or adjusted to suit the needs of 3D volume and production.
  • Improper, offensive and harmful entries that do not comply with applicable laws, as well as entries that do not match the brief or do not follow the instructions, will be eliminated.
  • All participants undertake to transfer the rights of reproduction, adaptation and representation of the creations posted as part of their participation in the contest, without limitation of duration and for the whole world. See the full terms and conditions of the Contest Rules.
  • No purchase is necessary to participate.
  • Participants will need to register on the platform using an active email address and / or their Facebook credentials to ensure that they can be contacted if they are selected.
  • Only one winning entry per created account will be retained.
  • Participants can vote and share their own creations to maximize their chances of winning.
  • Votes are subject to control and any cheating attempt will be penalized.




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