The colors of the flags explained with humor (and stereotypes)

If you like jokes around stereotypesSo the little project we're going to talk about today will surely have fun. Well, we realize that stereotypes are not fun for everyone, but sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy the jokes for their simplicity.

In recent days, a small project of unknown origin has emerged on the internet and begins to tour the web. The idea? Imagine the meaning of the different flags of the world by interpreting each of their colors. As you can imagine, for each flag, the smart guys behind this project had the idea of ​​hiding little stereotypical anecdotes.

We let you discover below the "true" meaning of the different flags. Do not take, of course, the first degree!


Green : oregano
White : Mozzarella
Red: tomato sauce

United States

Red: freedom
Blue: freedom
Yellow: do not interfere with other countries


Black: job
Red: job
Yellow: job
Blue: humor


Red: beer
White : vagina
Blue: naughty animals
Yellow: win the war against emus


Blue: a lot of sea
White : a lot of sun
Red: a lot of money

North Korea

Pink : respect for human rights


Red: honest policies
Pink : strong and stable economy
Orange: winning strategy against Germany

Soviet Union

Red: revolution
Yellow: the power of the working class
Blue: survive the twentieth century

la France

Red: the people
Blue: nobility
Green : the power never to give up


Green : food
Red: wine
Blue: loyalty during the 1st and 2nd World Wars


White : peace, purity, perfection
Blue: faith, loyalty, truth
Red: stability, power, bravery
Green : intelligence, freedom of speech, non-corrupt policies

Ireland (in 1849)

Green : dependency in the United Kingdom
Orange: pubs
Blue: potatoes


Blue: ocean
Star: areas dominated by Somalis
Green : have a government that works


Red: impact zone


Green : four Leaf Clover
Orange: Leprechauns
Pink : a united nation without religious differences


Black: tradition and culture
Red: Republicanism
Yellow: Liberalism
Blue: win World Wars

United Kingdom

Red: leave the European Union
Blue: "England is my city"
White : terrorist attacks
Black: 2 days without death


White : the snow of the Andes
Blue: the sky
Red: choripans (typical sausage)
Pink : not having suffered an earthquake

North Korea

Red: hungry people
Blue: a beautiful leader full of compassion
Yellow: a functional nuclear weapon

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