This illustrator amuses Instagram with stories inspired by her everyday life

In Creapills, we particularly appreciate the work of illustrators who produce series ofcomic cartoons. And today, we have literally fallen under the charm of the artist's achievements Murrzstudio.

With over 310,000 followers to his credit on Instagram, this young illustrator presents her daily life as a woman and we must admit that it is rather amusing. The relationship to his body, the couple, his health, ... All the usual subjects are evoked with a real dose of humor, self-deprecating that will make you smile!

We let you discover below 15 short comics that we have selected. You can also visit the Instagram profile of Murrzstudio to deepen your discovery of the artist. Finally, if you are interested in this subject, then you will surely appreciate the achievements of Andy and Macy which illustrate the life of a couple, also in comic format.


Credits: Murrzstudio

What I think I look like when I dance
- What I really look like

The torture of the light of the phone

Credits: Murrzstudio

I can not sleep, your screen blinds me
- Go to sleep or turn around, do something
- Hey heinhehehe ...


Credits: Murrzstudio

To Coachella: Oh my god, I'm the desert goddess
- After Coachella: Aaaah ... No regrets ...

The love of cats

Credits: Murrzstudio

Hey, you want some watermelon ...
- Oh my God ! Forgive me !

Addiction to the same

Credits: Murrzstudio

[It does not matter if you're sick]
- I have to watch the same!

The monster of the bathroom

Credits: Murrzstudio

Have you ever had the impression when you washed your face ...
- ... that someone was hiding just behind you
- I do. So what I'm doing is that I start cleaning myself with open eyes ...
- I rinse my face and turn around quickly!

The sport

Credits: Murrzstudio

Come on Murrz! Motivate yourself, let's go for the workout!
- Have you ever seen a buttocks as firm and beautiful as this one?
- No !


Credits: Murrzstudio

Aah! This seasonal freshness ...
- It's time ... to return ... to our winter bodies!


Credits: Murrzstudio

When he asks you what's wrong and you answer him "nothing"!

The thief of clothes

Credits: Murrzstudio

Argh! Where have my clothes gone?

Video games

Credits: Murrzstudio

Go go! Go! Take care of me ! Aaaah! He is behind! Aaaah! May someone heal me!
- Shut up.


Credits: Murrzstudio

My god, Instagram, I understand, I'm ugly! Even men are sexier than me.

The rules

Credits: Murrzstudio

Hey! I'm going to fart today!
- And no (the rules)!

The voyeur

Credits: Murrzstudio

But will he follow me to where?

Stay a child

Credits: Murrzstudio

- When will she get married? Is not it time for her to have children? She is 28 years old and she is not married yet? Babies… ?
- But I'm still a baby!

Imagined by: Murrzstudio

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