This is what Spider Man looks like in 10 min, 1 min and 10 sec

Taking time to do things right is important. Unfortunately, we live today in a society that constantly pushes us to go faster and work faster... to the detriment of the quality of the project undertaken. To raise awareness of this phenomenon, and impress us with its talent, the Canadian artist Mo Selim had an idea ...

This illustrator is passionate about comics Marvel and DC Comics, and he is rather talented when it comes to staging on paper his favorite characters. But if we're talking about him today, it's mostly for his famous videos "Speed ​​Drawing Challenges" where he likes to draw the same character with different time constraints: 10 minutes for the first drawing, 1 minute for the second and only 10 seconds for the last one.

And inevitably, you can imagine, the longer our artist has to realize his work, the more it is successful and precise in his stroke of pencil. An original and creative way to put forward the importance of taking your time to do things right, especially when you're a graphic designer.

We let you discover below some of its famous "Speed ​​Drawing Challenges". And to find out more about the artist, we invite you to discover his Instagram account.

Imagined by:Mo Selim

Video: VIRAL SPIDERMAN 10 Min 1 Min 10 Sec SPEED CHALLENGE (January 2020).