Flickr unveils its selection of the 25 most beautiful photos of 2017

Flickr is a well-known platform of passionate about photography. Every year, as the holidays approach, the site publishes its famous "Top 25", which brings together, as its name suggests, the 25 most beautiful photos published during the year. And do not think that, since this is a social network, only likes, views and shares were taken into account to establish this ranking. A jury composed of professionals finally selected the 25 pictures who deserve to be included in this 2017 ranking.

And before you reveal the winning photos, some statistics "Made in Flickr" that say a lot about the smartphone revolution. Sure Flickr, 54% photographers use an iPhone. Traditional cameras gun and Nikon Then come with 23 and 18% votes. We let you discover below the 25 most beautiful pictures of the Flickr community in 2017.

And if photography fascinates you, we invite you to discover the portraits of endangered animals of Tim Flach or the result of Comedy Wildlife Photography, the most amusing and unusual animal photo contest.

Credits: iwona_podlasinska · Say Goodbye ...

Credits: Wayne Pinkston · The Elephant Walks at Night

Credits: icemanphotos · Light of Glory

Credits: Jerry Fryer · Slipping Away

Credits: nils stefan püschel · Finally

Credits: albert dros · Mi Fuego

Credits: Gladys Klip · Red Squirrel

Credits: marikoen · Stairway to Heaven

Credits: aleshurik · ***

Credits: Chrisnaton · Big and Bigger

Credits: inefekt69 · The Milky Way Over Harvey Dam

Credits: Loïc Lagarde · Mont Saint-Michel Puddle Mirrored

Credits: · Braving the Weather

Credits: bmse · Oh oooooh!

Credits: Etienne R68 · Vestrahorn Iceland

Credits: jonathan one-eyed · Aurora Borealis

Credits: Ania Tuzel Photography · Solitude

Credits: hpd-fotografy · Hallstatt Residential

Credits: Alexander Lauterbach Photography · Lion City

Credits: shutterbug_uk2012 · Flow

Credits: Archim Thomae · Winter Fairytale

Credits: Brad Eide An Attempt to Convey Cold

Credits: Sapna Reddy Photography · Epiphany

Credits: Alicja Zmys┼éowska · Melancholia

Credits: Earl Reinink · Lookkk Deeeply into my Eyes ....

Imagined by: Flickr

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