6 innovations that want to change the way you ride a bike

Invented in 1817 by the German baron Karl Drais von Sauerbronn, the first prototype of what can be called today a bike has evolved a lot during the following century. Then form and the technical have largely stabilized to give the bike that everyone knows today. But it was not counting on these creatives who unveil every year ofnew ways to ride a bike. Today, we present you 6 inventions who will change the way you pedal!

The Lopifit

Designed for Netherlands byBruin Bergmeester, the Lopifit is a revolutionary bike that looks like ... a treadmill! This electric vehicle does not pedal, it "moves" to advance almost effortlessly at an average speed of 20 km / h. A small step for the Man, a big step for the bike!

The Me-Mover

Fitness friends "Hello" ! The Me-Mover is a fun concept invented by the danish Jonas Eliasson. This moving stepper allows you to build your legs and move forward at the same time. Designed as a real outdoor fitness equipmentit can also be installed indoors for pedaling in a vacuum and so make your work thighs and gluteal in your living room, for example.


After the fitness bike, here is the cardio bike: the Cardigo. In appearance, it looks like a normal bike except that its frame can extend to allow you to perform a movement back and forth with the arms while pedaling. Apparently, it helps to work the cardio ... However, I must admit that it looks strange enough to use!

The Halfbike

Resembling a little "Me-Mover" seen above, the Halfbike is a small, easily transportable bike that is pedaling upright. The maneuverability of this little"Half-cycle" looks pretty awesome once you know how to manipulate the beast. Apparently, it's not so simple!

The Trocadero Fixie

Created byJohan Le Bon, Alexis Honoré and Alban Haloche, 3 young Rennes, the Trocadero-Fixie is not for the beginners of the bike. This bicycle can break up to become wiggle in a straight line and especially in turns for execute figures. For style, it's very effective, for safety ... surely a little less.

The Fliz

Designed by German designersTom Hambrock and Juri Spetter, the Fliz is a pretty crazy bike concept. He does not have any mechanism and just is happy with you suspend to its frame for the sole purpose to use your legs To advance. A tribute to first bicycles which looked more like that than the bike we know today!

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