Carlsberg removes the plastic from its packaging to stick the beers together

In terms of ecology, packaging is often a real scourge. If we look at the beer industry, there is a real problem with these famous plastic rings which allow connect the cans together to form a pack. These plastic rings often end up in the seas and oceans. As a result, an increasing number of marine animals die while choking on these rings. And under the pressure of consumers, some brands have begun for some years to think and integrate into their production more viable alternatives for the planet.

This is particularly the case of Danish Carlsberg who imagined an intelligent alternative to plastic rings. The brand simply came up with the idea of remove his packaging and connect the cans with each other thanks to ...glue. Consequence: the brand plans to reduce its production of plastic 76%, more than 1200 tons (the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags) ! And the glue used remaining attached to the can, it is not lost in nature and recycles at the same time as the container.

A positive initiative for a cleaner planet already in place at United Kingdom. An idea that reminds us also of society Saltwater Brewery who had imagined, in 2016, a beer packaging biodegradable and 100% edible by the marine species we talked about in this video.

Credits: Carlsberg

Credits: Carlsberg

Credits: Carlsberg

Imagined by: Carlsberg

Video: Carlsberg swaps plastic for glue on six-packs to curb pollution (December 2019).