These masters who tattoo the paws of their dogs for love

If you like tattoos that are out of the ordinary and that you adore the dogs, then you will be sensitive to these ideas of masters who bind themselves to their dog in the most beautiful way.

The dog is the best friend of the man! And those who live daily with a furry companion will not tell you the opposite. Some even had the idea of pay homage to their pet by having their legs tattooed: a funny and unusual gesture that keeps you in the skin the memory of his dogeven after the death of it.

And dog lovers and tattoos can only approve this series of photos that highlights people who have made the choice of wear a creative tattoo that resembles the shape of their dog's paw. A beautiful tribute, both creative and moving, that inspired us and that we propose you to discover below.

Credits: Jackie Adamski

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Credits: Javi Wolf

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