He makes life-size cats in LEGO and sells them 70 €

If you've already spent hours looking for the idea of ​​a unusual business, not too difficult to implement and who can walkat the time of the internet then you will love the idea of ​​JEKCA. This online shop manufactures and sells all kinds of statues with one common point: they consist of LEGO.

And if you are passionate about cats, then you will be attracted by these sculptures that represent the animal in different postures. Creations rather impressive because a cat lying in LEGO can measure more than 49 centimeters for a price of 63 € à 71 € (It's expensive for LEGOs) ! To know moreclick here.

Obviously, it's gadget. But what is interesting about this idea is that the sculptures are rather very realistic, that decoration term it works pretty well and it makes its effect and especially that it's about cats. Everything about cats on the internet works and it is these creations that have allowed the site to develop its reputation on social networks... do not go farther!

Imagined by: JEKCA

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