22 infographics to understand and act for a sustainable world

The agency Maartin is a French communication agency ... but it's mostly a responsible agency. Interested by the issues related to sustainable development, she developed the site What are we doing ? which presents itself as a medium for "Understand better to act more“.

And to answer all these big questions that are the global issues of today and tomorrow, it has made this site an information medium via dynamic and easy-to-understand infographics. A very pleasant format to read to analyze and decrypt each subject at a glance, on all subjects: Environment, Consumption, Society, Health and Economy. When74% of French are concerned about sustainable development, but 34% do not know how to contribute concretelywe can say that this kind of initiative is welcome.

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And if you're on mobile, you can also download the QQF app sure iOS and on Android.

Imagined by: the agency Maartin

Video: Overpopulation The Human Explosion Explained (January 2020).