This artist sculpts life-size churches with iron wire

If you browse the portfolio of the Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldiyou will see that he is passionate about a particular subject: the iron. Everything he sculpts, he does it with the help of wires to whom he gives the desired form. And in his case, it is not small ornaments that are placed in a corner to decorate his living room. No, Edoardo think big ... very big!

So great that he was inspired by the reproduction architecture of churches and basilicas. He thus makes with thousands of iron wires domes, columns and arches to scale 1: 1 he does not hesitate, with his vision of artist, to complete with trees and other vegetations in order to create a very particular osmosis.

Its structures have ghostly paces and are delivered for exhibitions or festivals to the delight of the participants. His last order? Nothing more than 7000 square meters of metal structures to host a royal event at Abu Dhabi. The guests are lucky ... When we, we touch with the eyes!

Imagined by: Edoardo Tresoldi

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