This artist illustrates the Egyptian deities by respecting their symbols and attributes

What's interesting about itantiquityis to take the time to immerse yourself in the different cultures and religions to discover all the stories and the divinities. And the Egyptian mythology is without a doubt one of the most interesting to discover.

This is one of the oldest mythologies in our world, which has the particularity of having a polytheistic religion. The Egyptians indeed had a God or a goddess for every aspect of life. The representations of the Egyptian deities highlight hybrid "creatures" who have the particularity of possessing human bodies and animal heads.

Beautiful illustrated representations of Egyptian deities 🏜

A fascinating subject that has obviously inspired the artist we are going to talk about today. Her name is YliadeShe is French and works as a freelance illustrator. On his free time, Yliade loves to discover universes and she's challenged to draw the different pantheons of the'antiquity.

She begins her journey, both artistic and historical, with magnificent illustrations of the Egyptian deities. With a graphic and colorful style all its own, both minimalist and sophisticated, Yliade highlights the most famous deities, just like Ra, ofAnubis, ofIsis or from Seth.

Beautiful illustrations that we suggest you discover below. And if you want to know more about the artist, we invite you to visit Yliade's portfolio who presents his different creations that are sincerely worth a look.


enjoyment of the joy of the home, the warmth of the sun and motherhood

Credits: Yliade


heavenly and heavenly heaven

Credits: Yliade


magic, marriage, healing and protection

Credits: Yliade


scorpions, healing, poison and bites

Credits: Yliade


death, embalming and funeral

Credits: Yliade

Anubis (second version)

death, embalming and funeral

Credits: Yliade


chaos, change, deserts, storms and strangers

Credits: Yliade


god scribe of time, knowledge, the moon and wisdom

Credits: Yliade


Nile crocodile, strength and power

Credits: Yliade


lions, fire and revenge

Credits: Yliade


the sun and creation

Credits: Yliade


order, balance of the world, fairness, peace, truth and justice

Credits: Yliade

Imagined by: Yliade

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