She turns her roommates into Christmas balls to put a good atmosphere to the apartment

This is a beautiful idea that will make everyone who has known or joys of colocation. Because so often the latter is going well, it is possible that sometimes tensions arise between the different inhabitants, a situation that is not always comfortable to live because one is brought to share his daily with ... This is why this initiative made us smile !

A few days ago, a user responding to the nickname ofFozzy420 shared on the social network Reddit an unusual image representing Christmas' balls... personalized withhuman faces. Without further details, he tells that a girl from his roommate, visibly endowed with drawing talent, had fun to chew the faces of his companions on Christmas balls: 4 girls (which she herself) and 2 boys that turn into unusual decorations for the holidays.

The whole roommate will thus decorate the Christmas tree this year for, we imagine, create a beautiful atmosphere. And even the cat who shares the life of these young people was treated to his personalized Christmas ball! A cute, creative and light initiative ... We love it 😍

Credits : Fozzy420 via

Credits : Fozzy420 via

Credits : Fozzy420 via

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