City of Stockholm installs interactive panels to help homeless people find shelter

And if we changed the image of theadvertisment display to highlight the power of communication in the service of a good cause? A subject that has clearly inspired our Scandinavian friends Stockholm who led from start to finish a beautiful campaign of sensitization, and especially support, to homeless of the Swedish capital.

The display Clear Channel has in fact had the idea, in collaboration with the Swedish Government, of 53 of its billboards available to homeless. These are transformed into a support medium for SDF who can get information in order to have a good night's sleep. Indeed: when temperatures pass the threshold of -7 ° C, the signs give the homeless some indications of refuges to spend the night there. Above -7 ° C, the panels are addressed to the passersby lambda, but the theme does not change. They inform them about the various means that can be put in place to help the homeless who are, it must be admitted, the first victims of the'winter.

A great initiative that shows that advertising displays can have more than "meaning" that promote products and push for consumption. Generally speaking, when it comes to communication, we can all be actors of change to help the most nots, and obviously, Clear Channel understood it well. A good idea, simple and relevant, as we would like to see more often.

Credits: Clear Channel

Credits: Clear Channel

Imagined by: Clear Channel

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