These netizens are having fun painting each other to create confusing mise en abyme

This is a fun and creative story that will please anyone who knows how to handle the brush (and others who are curious). Just like on the famous social network Reddit where a user responding to the nicknamek__z posed by holding in his hands a painting that he himself realized with the simple catch: "I painted someone's mom".

He then explains that he found a photo on the internet of a lady who is holding a painting representing a swan and that he wanted to paint it ... for pleasure. His photo and his unusual grip have stirred the curiosity of many Internet users, until an amateur artist answering the nickname of lillyofthenight She also decided to reproduce the picture of the man holding the painting representing the woman holding the swan painting.

And the magic of the internet has worked to create a wave of creations in which dozens of Internet users had fun to reproduce, thus creating a mise en abyme always deeper.

Obviously, it is difficult to trace exactly the whole process because nothing is really organized some have reproduced a table without knowing that it was already painted by another user. In any case, we salute their creativity !

Credits : k__z

Credits : lillyofthenight

Credits : DidiBug

Credits : Shitty_Watercolour

Credits : sridgway26

Credits : seamuswray

Credits : Fermented_Discharge

Credits : trixtopherduke

Credits : evilpustule

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