The star egg of Instagram has just hatched and what is behind is much more important than it seems

Finally: after a good month of teasing, the verdict has just fallen on theidentity and the goal of the famous "Star egg of Instagram". But before you reveal the final act, let's take the time to explain the story in a few lines. On January 4th, a mysterious egg picture, basic at first, appeared on Instagram on the account @world_record_egg.

Against all odds, this picture of egg had beaten the record of likes sure Instagram, previously held by Kylie Jenner with its 18 millions of likes on one and the same post. At the time of writing, the famous egg photo has surpassed 52 million of likes.

But recently, the account @world_record_egg continued to talk about him by publishing several successive posts where we can see the egg cracking and hatch step by step. From then on, the speculations went out of their way to find out which brand was going to pull out of the game to become "the chick" (We talked about this in more detail about Creapills for this article). And since the final of Super Bowlwe finally know what lies behind thismystery egg which is already revealed as the operation social media the craziest of the year.

The reveal was done on Hulu, a direct competitor of Netflix in the United States. A video of 30 seconds was posted where we see the egg come alive before cracking, finally reveal that behind this idea is actually hiding a association who fights against mental disorders. And yes, the egg mystery was not intended to bring back a good fortune to its creator, but to highlight the association Mental Health America who is dedicated to the needs of people with mental illnesses. Finally, behind the light side and unusual of the operation, hides a goal much more important than it seems.

And behind the creation of this account Instagram and the famous egg, which was baptized for the occasion Eugene, hides Chris Godgrey, a 29-year-old creative who works for the London advertising agency The Partnership &. He speaks about his initiative:

Something as universal and simple as an egg could be big enough to beat that record? An egg has no sex, race or religion. An egg is an egg, it's universal.

Anyway, this creative has managed to show that on Instagram, even a simple photo of an egg can become the most liked post in the world, and he also had the intelligence (and kindness) to relate the visibility engendered by his idea to the promotion of an association that works for a good cause. And the egg Eugene has clearly not finished talking about him! We let you discover below the different major stages of the birth of this egg ... and of course its reveal !

The birth of the egg


The egg begins to hatch ...


A reveal announced for the Super Bowl


The famous reveal


Imagined by: Chris Godfrey

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