This incredible ultra detailed photo of the Moon is composed of 50 000 different shots

Photography is an art. But when it comes to photographing the Moon, that's something else ... Since the Earth, how to capture the smallest details of the star of the night? Andrew, a astro-photographer found the solution. The result ? Really impressive shots that have proven to be the result of intense work and patience!

The photograph Andrew McCarthy combined 50 000 individual images of the night sky in one large, extremely detailed photo of the Moon. Each crater and lunar pool of the illuminated surface appears to have been taken from a satellite in orbit near the moon, when in reality the image was captured from a telescope and two cameras, 384,633 kilometers from there, to Sacramento California!

This passion for the cosmos, Andrew has always had since his childhood, when his father showed him the planets through his telescope. But surprisingly, it is precisely thanks to a telescope Craigslist Free (the equivalent of the good French corner) that his interest was revived and that he finally launched, for good, in theastro-photography.

His way of doing things? To put the focus on bright stars, take photos "in piles" with full of different exposure lengths, and alternate between an astronomy camera and a Sony A7 II, with a 300mm lens. Then he loads all his shots into Photoshop and uses special software (as well as a manual process of duplication, flipping, subtraction, and editing) for'align and adjust the images between each other, to create the final product.

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I would love a new point of view, since my view from Sacramento is a bit remote. If given the chance, I would like to be the first professional astro-photographer to take the picture of the Earth from the lunar surface.

Stunning, no? To get a print version of this image or other astro-photos of Andrew, do not hesitate to visit his site !

Credits: Andrew McCarthy

Credits: Andrew McCarthy

Credits: Andrew McCarthy

Credits: Andrew McCarthy

Credits: Andrew McCarthy

Imagined by: Andrew McCarthy

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