He opens a donuts shop: the adventure looks bad until his son posts a picture on Twitter

Twitter is a social network apart. Often perceived as a hate-monger under cover of anonymity, it is actually full of overflowing creativity and fascinating initiatives like the one we will describe in this article.

Native Missouri City in the USA, Billy By is a young boy whose parents have recently opened a small boutique donutssoberly baptized Billy's Donuts. After a lot of effort to implement his business plan, the father of the young Billy found himself alone, without any customer in his little sign, the day of opening on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Billy then had the idea, a bit desperate, to post some pictures of the situation on his Twitter account in which we see his father, alone and visibly sad behind his counter:

"My father is sad because no one comes to his new donuts shop."

As incredible as it may seem, the netizens were moved by this story and they could not help but share the publication of the young Billy to advertise at the sign of his father. Result, in just two days, Billy By's original tweet was retweeted over 240,000 times and loved by almost 520,000 people !

The community Twitter has proven that it can be welded, as evidenced by the contributions of Internet users who hastened to express their support.

"I live in 5 minutes ... I will spend tomorrow"

"I stayed here Friday! Your parents are great

"I will come tomorrow"

And some were even motivated to come from far away, sometimes from far away. We imagine that for some it was humor, but they still participated in sharing the message.

"Do not say more ... I'm coming tomorrow morning"

"I take my plane tickets, I arrive"

Very quickly, thanks to the original tweet of Billy By and to the various people who shared his dismay, many customers rushed to his father's store ...

"I did not even need to invite people, the Twitter community is already here"

Credits : vincy_bt

"Dude it was armored when I went. His mother did not expect so many people. "

Credits : femaleeha

"The power of Twitter works! There is a crazy world in front of the shop this morning. "

Credits : photog72

A report was even shot by the local channel KRPC 2 Houston.

"Congratulations to the By family for their success of the day!"

Touched by so much love and sharing, the family obviously could not help but share a little message to all those who participated in this operation who made their happiness.

"Just to keep you informed! We sold all the donuts! You are awesome. I will never thank you enough for coming and supporting local businesses. It means so much to my family ❤️ "

Credits : hibillyby

A beautiful story that proves that social networks can sometimes give rise to beautiful things and that a simple tweet can boost a business in a pretty incredible way.

"It's so cute, I have to go"

Credits : chibicheez

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Credits: @hibillyby

Credits: @hibillyby

Credits: @hibillyby

Credits: @hibillyby

Credits: @hibillyby

Imagined by: Billy By

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