He compares the Star Wars ships with the size of the cities for a surprising scaling

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the sagas of science fiction which fascinates the most, especially with its vessels all as colossal as each other. But eventually, if all the ships of Star Wars are naturally imposing and impressiveit is difficult to compare them with existing things.

The landscapes of the different planets that can be seen in the movies Star Wars do not usually have much to do with what we can see on our beautiful land. This is particularly the case of futuristic and dizzying cities (special mention for the planet Coruscant) that do not look like ours and so it's hard to imagine how these ships can be huge. A subject that YouTubeurs we are going to talk about today have chosen to address.

Sam and Niko, two YouTubers who belong to the collective Digital Corridor, have just had the idea to do this scaling to really realize the size of the famous shuttles. In the YouTube video that you can watch below, they came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransposing iconic Star Wars gear, like Millenium Falcon, of Interstellar Cruiser or againBlack Star, in urban landscapes from our beautiful planet.

A scaling that really allows to realize how the ships of the legendary saga imagined by George Lucas can be impressive ... Special mention toBlack Star and theDeath Star ! We let you discover below the various vessels scaled and we invite you to visit the YouTube of Sam and Niko to discover all their achievements.


22.50 meters high

Credits: Sam and Niko

Millenium Falcon

34.75 meters long

Credits : Sam and Niko

Interstellar Cruiser

1600 meters long

Credits : Sam and Niko

Credits : Sam and Niko

Lucrehulk Droid Fighter Vessel

3,170 meters long

Credits : Sam and Niko


19,000 meters long

Credits : Sam and Niko

Credits : Sam and Niko

Black Star

120 kilometers wide

Credits : Sam and Niko

Credits : Sam and Niko

Death Star (right)

160 kilometers wide

Credits : Sam and Niko

Imagined by: Sam and Niko

Video: VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of the Universe (December 2019).