Japanese have designed a "bra" to allow dads to breastfeed their babies

And if we offered to men the possibility of breastfeeding? This is now possible thanks to a new device developed by the Japanese company Dentsu that allows dads to breastfeed their baby ... in their own way! Unveiled on the occasion of SXSW in Austin, this device comes in the form of a "bra" in which one can integrate a bottle of milk and so simulate the breast of the mother.

This innovation is surprising, but aims to restore theequality man / woman at this level. The society Dentsu speaks about this product, which is already a lot of ink on the web.

By focusing on breastfeeding, we seek to reduce the burden on mothers and increase babies' sleep time by allowing fathers to breastfeed. Moms can also sleep longer because this task is now shared between both parents.

The innovation of the company Dentsu was modeled from a real breast and each breast "artificial" has a function. The first will be used to house the milk tank (or formula) while the other is equipped with a silicone nipple to allow the baby to suckle. The device also generates heat to simulate that of the mother's body and allow the baby to sleep peacefully in the arms of his Father.

But the "bra" goes further: it's a real concentrate of technology. The device vibrates to help induce sleep and also has sensors that track the child's behavior while breastfeeding. The data is then exported to a smartphone and can be viewed via a dedicated application.

It is clear that the marketing of such a product will generate controversy. If for some, it can be seen as a smart accessory to better balance the support of baby in the couple, for others, it is a device artificial which completely denatures the beauty of breastfeeding, an ancestral and intimate gesture that unites a mother to her child. You are free to make your own opinion on the subject!

Credits : Dentsu

Credits : Dentsu

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Video: S10 E1: Masters of Design: The Art of the Japanese (April 2020).