This architectural firm proposes to develop a glazed roof for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris

After the fire that ravaged the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris, now is the time to think about reconstruction from this monument emblematic of French heritage. After the many pledges of donation, a question arises: should we reproduce Our Lady almost identically or should we bring a touch of modernity to the future building?

Anyway, the cabinet dijonnais Godart + Roussel made his choice on the subject. Thursday, April 18, the architects revealed on their Facebook page their proposal to restore the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris. We prefer to warn you immediately: if you are a fan of old, you will certainly not appreciate the concept proposed today. Godart + Roussel proposes indeed a version resolutely modern of the future building topped by a glazed roof.

On the different images shared by the architecture firm dijonnais, we discover the cathedral surmounted by a roof consisting of glazed panels and of roof tiles of copper. At the crossroads of the transept, instead of the old arrow (rest in peace), a glazed floor opens on the interior of the church below. Inside this roof, accessible to the public, one could even imagine the presence of a museum.

A modern version of Our Lady which may surprise, but for the cabinet Godart + Roussel, it is unthinkable to rebuild the cathedral to the identical:

What other pleasure would we find besides that of comforting ourselves in the certainty that everything is eternal? This approach would be comforting but catastrophic from an intellectual point of view. We do not conceive the fact that Our Lady can be reconstructed identically. Outside of the deadline, what worries us is that such a project would implement very specialized processes for which there are not many authorized Companions. It would be a total architectural anachronism. In the 21st century, we are not going to rebuild a frame with hundreds of old oaks. It would be like a pastiche above Notre-Dame.

But if the architectural firm proposes a very modern version of this reconstruction, it does not mean that he wants to draw a line on history. The shape of the roof would take the template of the old, like the trace of a ghost.

We will not lie: there is ultimately very little chance for this project to pass. Nevertheless, we can emphasize the reactivity of Godart + Roussel which has the merit of proposing a reconstruction modern and progressive which also does not make a clean sweep of theHistory.

Credits : Godart + Roussel Architects

Credits : Godart + Roussel Architects

Imagined by: Godart + Roussel Architects

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