In China, this device projects water on pedestrians crossing red

We forget it too often, but pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the roads. In 2016 in la France, sure 3469 people who died on the roads, 540 were pedestrians. A figure that had jumped from 15% compared to the previous year, which reflects the fact that it is more important than ever to sensitize pedestrians have the importance of paying attention on the roads.

And if there's a time when people are particularly vulnerable, it's when they go through pedestrian crossing. In China, initiatives have been put in place to reduce the risk of accidents and to raise passers-by. And among them, there is one particular that we are going to talk about today.

A pedestrian crossing that waters pedestrians

Many poles were installed near the crosswalks. Thanks to a marker pen on the ground and at a laser which connects the two poles, the latter are able to know if the passer-by is crossing at the right time or not (in short, when the light is green and not red).


If necessary, an alert system is put in place and the water vapour is shipped from both posts to roll back the passer. A radical way but which nevertheless seems very effective! The idea reminds us, moreover, of a very similar initiative, set up also in China in the province of Hubei. When innovation androad safety get along well!





Video: Pedestrians sprayed with water from bollards to stop jaywalking (January 2020).