Violence meter: a tool to help young women get out of toxic relationships

When you are young and you are engaged in a relationshipAt first love, we want to do well, we want to preserve his relationship. Except that sometimes the naivete is our worst enemy: unable to take retreatshe locks us into a unhealthy relationship and pushes us to accept unacceptable behavior. The observatory of violence against women and the association En Avant Any (s) have designed a tool that allows young women to identify these harmful attitudes: the violentomètre.

Conceived end of 2018, this device resurfaced in recent days because the government launched a Twitter account on June 24 to warn about sexual and gender-based violence. The violent meter makes it possible to objectively determine whether the relationship is healthy and based on mutual consent or, on the contrary, whether it is toxic and when it is necessary to talk about it and get help. This fixed scale of values ​​is particularly interesting for people under the influence spouse.

AC Violence allows a victim of sexual abuse, violence or blackmail within their couple to protect themselves by asking for help or reporting the facts because they are clearly in danger.

- Youssef Badr (@porte_parole_MJ) June 24, 2019

The scale comprises 24 graduations ranging from green when the relationship is healthy, to orange when violence is ubiquitous, to red where one of the partners is in danger and must protect themselves. If your darling "respect your decisions, your desires and your tastes"And that he"make sure you agree to what you do together", So your couple is healthy. If hebelittles your opinions and your plans"And that you"isolates from your family and loved ones", you are victim of violence that do not have to be. Finally, if he "fart the pellets when some displeases him"Or that he" forces you to have sex ", the relationship is harmful : Protect yourself and get help quickly.

In collaboration with the Hubertine Auclert Center, the organization of the Region responsible for promoting gender equality, the tool has been tested in some high schools of Ile-de-France to raise awareness of violence against women from the youngest age. Although originally designed for teenage girls, the violent meter is for everyone, men and women whatever their age So do not hesitate and share it with your loved ones! Finally, discover the shock campaign of theAPAV association who diverts GIFs to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Credits: Center Hubertine Auclert

Credits : Hubertine Auclert Center

Imagined by: The observatory of violence against women and the association En Avant Any (s)

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