This credit card calculates your carbon footprint and hangs if your purchases pollute too much

Ten years - that's the time we have left to reverse the climate change before the situation becomes irreversible. Since the signing of theParis agreement on the climate in 2016, governments are struggling to get up to speed. Fortunately, some companies are aware of issues that they represent for theto come up and take the problem head-on. The company FinTech - financial technology - Doconomy is part of.

In collaboration with MasterCard, the Swedish fintech launches a Bank card extraordinary : "Do Black Card"Caps your purchases, not according to the money you have on your account, but according to a limit carbon emissions that you produce. Discover the principle with the video below:

The main goal is the ability not only to measure the impact of your consumptionbut also to stop it directly. Do Black is a concrete and radical tool for dealing with the climate crisis by promoting awareness", Says Doconomy. So, fintech uses a method called "Aland Index"That allows you to estimate the amount of CO2 that has to be emitted so you can leave with your favorite sandwich, the latest trendy shoes or the latest video game.

However, Do Black Card has been well thought out since the CO2 limit not to be exceeded is set by the customers. The goal is first of all to realize that each purchase has a environmental impact more or less important.

If we can see the amount of CO2 that we reject in (on) consuming, Doconomy also proposes to offset your carbon footprint by investing in the sustainable development. Hydroelectric project, installation of a wind farm or solar water heater program, the Swedish fintech lists all the projects available on the website of the United Nations agency for carbon offsetting.

Credits : Doconomy

Credits : Doconomy

Credits : Doconomy

Credits : Doconomy

Imagined by: MasterCard and Doconomy

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